A US woman is accused of setting fire to a man's house after he invited her over to have sex, before falling asleep and ignoring her knocking at the door.

Taija Russell, 29, of New Jersey was arrested last week after the fire, which destroyed the man's home.

She's accused of bombarding the man with angry text messages before heading to a nearby petrol station to buy lighter fluid, matches and a lighter at 4am on August 4.

Police say that Russell then started a fire at the man's doorway, fleeing the scene as the fire spread.

Taija Russell faces multiple charges. Photo / Supplied
Taija Russell faces multiple charges. Photo / Supplied

The victim woke at 4.30am to find his exit blocked and was forced to knock out a window frame to escape his blazing home.

The man then ran to the police station to report the fire, clad only in a T-shirt and "covered head to toe in soot and ash".

He was transported to hospital and treated for burns and smoke inhalation.

Local firefighters responded to the blaze and were able to save the man's dog, but the house was destroyed.

Police said the texts sent by Russell to the victim included "I see you wanna die" and "You wasted my money to come out here".

The victim told police that Russell was a "side chick" that he had invited to his home.

Russell is charged with attempted murder, aggravated arson, endangering and criminal mischief and has been held in custody.