A mother who's decided she's been screwed over by men one too many times has made it her mission to catch out as many cheats as she can.

Erin Colleen from Washington DC told the Daily Mail she has made it her duty to prevent others from going through the same heartache.

The tech-savvy mother downloaded Tinder to re-enter the dating scene, but she was shocked by how many men there were who said on their profiles they were married or "looking for something discreet".

Using her background in data mining, Colleen locates the men's partners and makes sure they know what's going on.


Colleen has now exposed five men and their unfaithful ways.

She explains that although the women are hurt at first, in the end, they always give their thanks.

One man's wife was extremely grateful for her actions: "I really wish there were more people like you in the world.

"I'm a nurse who worked 80 hours last week so we could go to Disneyland. Kind of ironic working to go to the most magical place on earth when something like this was going on back at home."

Knowing what it's like to be betrayed, Colleen is determined to out cheating men.

She told the Daily Mail: "I can't stand cheaters. I was cheated on [in the past]. It was devastating to learn he'd been doing it right under my nose for years, and that nobody ever said anything to me about it.

"Whenever I see a profile that says 'married' or 'looking for something discreet', I immediately swipe right to see if I can out the guy.

"I do this to protect other women. I don't want any other woman to go through what I went through.

It's astounding how many men say in their bios they are married or
It's astounding how many men say in their bios they are married or "looking for something discreet". Photo / Getty Images

"Women are starting to really look out for other women, even ones we don't know, so if you want to cheat you had better expect it to get back to your partner. It's 2019 now and cheaters can't hide anymore."

Last weekend she busted two men. After engaging in conversation with them on Facebook and Snapchat for some months, she received some inappropriate content from one in the form of images and videos. They raised red flags for Colleen when she realised the man was potentially filming his partner without her knowing.

He sent Colleen images of himself topless and messages about creating porn videos.

Colleen informed his girlfriend, and together they hatched a plan to catch him out.

Colleen told the Daily Mail: "This guy messaged me a year ago and had been flirting with me on and off since. I noticed on his Facebook that he had a girlfriend. When I asked him about it he lied and said they broke up but he hadn't changed his Facebook yet because he got a 30-day ban.

"I knew that was a lie because he was messaging me through Facebook and you can't message when you've been banned.

"I messaged the girlfriend and showed her everything. She said he was defending himself saying that I was trying to ruin his life and it wasn't true. I see right through the men's excuses.

"[An ex] used to say that he was unfaithful because he was lonely. I used to feel bad for him. It turns out he was unfaithful long before our [relationship] had issues. These men are manipulators.

"They expect free emotional labour from women, especially their partners, but they still want to be able to fool around with whomever they want."

Due to her previous job and skill set, she says she can usually find a cheater's partner in under an hour, regardless of whether they even display their last name.

Another man's profile read: "Married but lonely. We both work nights opposite of each other. Looking for something discrete to share my nights with. Watch movies, intimacy etc. I can send pics if requested".

He asked Colleen to go to his house to have sex while his children slept, which prompted her to dig deeper. In less than an hour, she successfully found his mother and spouse who "couldn't thank her enough".

"I have been on Tinder for two years. I met this guy about a month ago, he added me on Snapchat immediately, and I chatted with him for a bit to be sure he was in fact a cheater," she said according to the Daily Mail.

"This guy's profile, as you can see, says he's married. He added me on Snapchat and asked me if I was cool with him being married. I said I didn't care.

"Then he invited me to come over to his place to have sex that night, because his wife was at work and his kids were asleep. We had only just met a few hours before.

"I told him I would feel kind of weird with his kids there, and he told me not to worry because they're deep sleepers.

"Like, this man was willing to have a stranger come to his home while his children were there to have sex.

"As soon as my suspicions were confirmed I simply grabbed his name off his Snapchat - he didn't even think about hiding it - and messaged his wife and mother."

Colleen says men should no longer get away with such behaviour.

She warns: "I'm hoping she is getting a lawyer and filing for divorce right now, but I don't know.

"She did say she had suspected him for a while and had tried to confront him but didn't have any solid proof.

"She was very kind and thankful. I was expecting her to respond with anger or denial, but she didn't.

"This is the third guy I've exposed. Watch out men."