33 Peabody St, Nashville

The view:

Lazing back on a lounger sipping a very boozy slushie under a sun umbrella, my view mainly consisted of people doing likewise.

It was a stinking hot day in Nashville and more than a few of the hip clientele had left their cocktails on the little tables beside their loungers while they cooled off in one of the patio's dipping pools.

Pinewood Social is located in one of the trolley barns in Rolling Mill Hill. Photo / Supplied
Pinewood Social is located in one of the trolley barns in Rolling Mill Hill. Photo / Supplied

After a spell I moved away from the pool to read a mag in the vast garden bar. With its sun umbrellas and bright green astroturf there's a definite resort vibe to the garden areas. If I'd wanted to hide from the sun, there was plenty of space inside the cavernous, industrial-looking, restaurant/bar areas.

But I was out of luck when it came to activities as all Pinewood Social's bowling alleys - yes, bowling alleys - were in use when I visited.

The vibe: You may be thinking that it all sounds a bit novelty with its bowling alley and its pools. And, I guess, it is. But it certainly doesn't feel like it.

Its 50s retro hipster style is on trend and its food and booze are all craft orientated. This makes Pinewood Social a very cool place to hang out.

The chat: Was mixed. When I arrived I had no idea what was going on or where to go but the very nice maitre d' pointed out the various bars and areas.

However, the hipster bartender mixing drinks from the garden's retro caravan bar was clearly in no mood to chat. It was a herculean effort just to find out what the house specialty cocktail was.

The menu: I arrived after lunch, a state of affairs I regretted almost immediately. The food looked and smelled amazing. With speciality menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and a dedicated poolside menu, you really don't want to eat before arriving.

From the pool menu, the braised beef short rib with roasted habanero salsa, pickled onion and chihuahua cheese sounded like a good time and the brown butter waffle with whipped maple butter and candied pecans sounded like the cornerstone of, if not a nutritious breakfast, a damn delicious one.


But I was here for their famed craft cocktails and it was hard to choose. Ultimately, however the Vanilla Mule, Spiced Mojito and Whiskey Smash all lost out to the house specialty; a Frose.

The expectation: I really didn't know what to expect. The ingredients listed rose, grapefruit, pisco and strawberry and the barkeep had told me it was a frozen cocktail. As mentioned it was a crazy hot day so a boozy slushie sounded pretty good to me.

I did wonder, however, if this was recommended because all the creating it entailed was pulling a lever on a slushie machine . . .

The reality: Fortunately, the Frose was super delicious and far stronger than those humble ingredients suggest. I had a definite buzz on by the time i slurped up the last bit of melted icy goodness from my chilled mug.

Pinewood Social's slogan is "A place to be morning, noon or night" and it truly has all these bases covered.

If you were so inclined you could arrive at 7am for breakfast, have some coffee and pastries in the garden, take a dip after lunch, have a game of bowls before dinner and then hit up the craft cocktails at the bar. Why go anywhere else?