A US mother has been roasted online this week after she posted a video where she shared concerns that her two-month-old baby son was "ugly".

Quaylaa Ann, a single mother from California, posted a live video to Facebook this week, filmed from the dashboard of her car.

In the video, Ann holds her newborn son on her lap and burps him, while his twin sister sleeps in her car seat, explaining as it was too hot to stay home they'd visited the local water park.

As the young mum waited in her car while her older daughter played, she decided it would be a good idea to tell the world her baby looked "wrong", and not as handsome and she had expected.


She even compared the little boy to a creature out of 'Alien vs Predator'.

"My biggest fear was having an ugly baby, and now look what the f*ck I got," she said.

"I just knew that it was going to be a fifty-fifty chance that one of these kids was going to come out ugly … because of him," referring to the children's father.

In a recent Facebook post, Ann had her newborn son hold a photo of his father on a phone and captioned it with: "They look alike … just ugly".

Throughout the 3:19 minute car video, Ann appeared exasperated as she said, "this sh*t don't make no sense", telling her followers that her ugly baby attracted stares and comments in the street.

She complained that: "Now I gotta wait for his looks and sh*t to come in".

"One minute he looks all handsome, and the other minute he look like f*cking Alien vs Predator."

Halfway through the video, she has a change of heart, saying her son wasn't ugly, he was just "funny looking" and apologises to him for his unfortunate looks.

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bitch your baby look just like you so so stfu

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"I'm sorry your Daddy marked you, you look like him," she said.

"It's cool though."

Ann reassured her followers that he looked nothing like her.

"He don't look like me … I'm not ugly and I wasn't an ugly baby," she said.

"He's funny looking, I don't want to call him ugly, I'm just going to call him funny looking

Ann said she was hopeful her little boy wouldn't "be ugly all his life".

The single mother's confronting rant went viral, after Tia Becca, the star of Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta, posted the video to her 427K Instagram followers overnight, saying: "I think he is adorable."

"He look just like you tho sis … this beautiful baby boy," Becca wrote.

Her post received thousands of comments from people, furious that a mother could say such "vile" things about her own child.

"People do anything for likes and laughs, that sh*t is not funny," one person said.

Another added: "People like her should not reproduce."

"She is going to go to hell," one comment said.

Many of Ann's fans jumped to her defence, saying it was obvious she had been joking the entire time.

"OMG it was a f***ing joke she loves her twins and her kids, she was clearly playing," one fan said.

"Y'all take this social media shit too f***ing serious."

The mother has since taken to Facebook to tell fans she had no idea "that video was going to go viral" and anyone that knows her understands that she is always joking around.

She also argued she was a good mother and that "God knows my heart is pure, I love my kids."

"There's no such thing as bad publicity," Ann said.

"Thanks to y'all, I got some good stuff set up and pushing through for my children and me."

At the end of her video, Ann decided to call up her son's father.

"He funny looking, you ain't right," she said to her ex-boyfriend.

The man on the other side of the call was clearly shocked and upset by her comments:

"Wow, OK whatever," was all he could manage in response.

But Ann's little boy certainly had the final word in this incident.

Letting his mother know he'd had just about enough of her taunts, the baby threw up all over her, forcing her to turn the camera off and clean him up.

News.com.au has contacted Ann for comment.