A woman has revealed that her neighbour has asked her to stop jogging because the neighbour's son "keeps watching".

The woman took to Reddit to vent about her encounter with her neighbour.

"I don't jog often, I don't even like running, but last night while walking my dog, I needed to get home before being eaten alive by mosquitoes," she recalled.

"I ran up one side of a cul de sac, and by the time I reached the end, a woman was standing in her yard, watching me. I didn't think much of it. It's summer and kids are out playing, so parents are usually near by. Then she waved. I waved back and when she motioned me into her yard, I assumed it was so she could ask to pet my dog or something like that."


That's not what the neighbour wanted to do at all.

"No, instead she told me that I should be more conscious when running because I'm 'big chested'. I honestly didn't know what to say. She said that I was distracting her son, that running might 'feel good' but 'men would notice and that's not the kind of attention you want'," the woman added.

"I walked the rest of the way home after saying nothing to set her straight and feeling stupid. I've been a size D since I was fifteen, and wore baggy clothing for years after I heard a boy say 'did you see her tits bounce?' It's the first thing that people notice about me and it never fails to upset me that I'm at fault for other people ogling me," the woman said.

"I still don't know what to say to her but l'm twenty years old, she's not my mum, and she can't tell me to stop running, so I won't."

Reddit users were fully supportive of the woman's decision to continue running.

"Sounds like you should take up jogging out of spite," one person commented.

"Or yard work in a bikini top. It's hot and you don't want pit stains on your clothes," another person suggested.

"Take it a step further by hopping down the cul-de-sac on a pogo ball. Remember pogo ball? I just did for the first time in years. They were terrible, unfun and borderline dangerous. But I think they would have their time to shine in this situation," someone else added.