The Australian Tattoo Expo draws some interesting characters every year, but none more so than Queenslander Scott Medhurst, who proudly walked away with $250 and the title of "Australia's Sh**test Tattoo" this year.

"I've got no words for it mate, what a prestigious award to win," Medhurst gushed when interviewed on the Today show this morning.

He then showed off the permanent mark that earned him the title, showing off the six-pack he has stamped on his abdomen with pride.

Just to clarify, he has a six pack of beer cans (not abs) tattooed on his midsection.


"Which of your mates put you up to it?" host Sonia Kruger jokingly asked. But Medhurst wasn't letting anyone else take the credit for his ink.

"I'd love to tell you an amazing story about me and the boys getting on it and having a loose night but sorry, that's not the case guys," he said.

The titleholder went on to tell the story behind his embarrassing ink, which turned out to be more heartfelt than expected.

"A few years ago, I was working away. And long story short, a young fella had a head on with a truck. He was 23 with three kids. And me and a few boys got together and we sort of came up with this idea to raise money for the family," he explained.

"What I did is I got six bosses on the work site and I charged them $1000 a can.

"Downfall was I let them do it."

Scott Medhurst with his killer
Scott Medhurst with his killer "6 pack". Photo / Facebook

Medhurst eloquently described the pain of getting tattooed "in front of the boys at work on a table".

"It was pretty much a cross between a jackhammer and a soldering iron when it went in," he said.


But as he was quick to point out, it was for a good cause.

"I ended up giving six grand to the family so I wear the tattoo with a bit of pride," he said.

While the design looks even from afar, Medhurst assured everyone, "she's not too good" when you take a closer look.

Asked what his wife thought of the tatt, he said with a laugh, "She's pretty easygoing, like myself. So she was all right with it."

In fact, she was the one who encouraged him to enter the competition at the expo.

"She said, 'Go on, get up there ya unit. Show 'em how it's done,'" Medhurst said.

Unfortunately for viewers, Medhurst said he wasn't able to reveal the designs that lost out to his cracking six-pack.

After a lengthy pause, he told Today hosts: "I don't think I can say on prime-time television."