Have the Aussies declared war on New Zealand with a not-so-subtle dig at our Kiwi heritage?

First Man of NZ Clarke Gayford thinks so, after jokingly posting an image on Twitter that may lead to a "dessert storm" between the two nations.

The humble pavlova
The humble pavlova

PM Jacinda Ardern and her fiance are in Australia for scheduled talks with Australian PM Scott Morrison.

The Aussies have a history of claiming the best of New Zealand as their own - from Phar Lap to Crowded House - but a Melbourne hotel has taken it next level with a provocative delivery to the PM's hotel room.


This morning Gayford was confronted with a most unsavoury surprise - a DIY pavlova kit.

So unimpressed was the PM's fiance that he felt compelled to post the offering to his 25,600 Twitter followers - many of whom are just as outraged.

Gayford shared a photo of a message card he received with his meringue base that was surrounded by a variety of fresh fruits and sauces.

The card invites the user to "Make You Own Pavlova".

"This was placed in our hotel room in Melbourne," Gayford wrote.

The card invited them to "indulge in a traditional Australian dessert, the pavlova, a decadent treat best enjoyed at times of celebration!"

The assumption it was an "Australian dessert" did not impress Gayford in the slightest. He wondered if the stunt had been an attempt at humour or a deliberate "diplomatic incident".

The debate over the famous dessert stretches back decades, with Aussies insisting they created the iconic dessert.


Pavlova is, however, a traditional Kiwi dessert, designed as an homage to the world-famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, to present to her during a tour to New Zealand in the 1920s.

Let's hope ScoMo apologises on behalf of all Aussies and the two countries can avoid all out war.

Watch this space!