A 94-year-old woman who lost her original wedding ring in the 1970s was reunited with the gold band, all thanks to one man.

The man, named Wesley White, loves to hunt for treasure with a metal detector in his spare time. He heard about Florence Bush's missing wedding ring and decided to take on the project, reported Nashville's WTVF (News Channel5) in the United States.

"I had been at the nursing home and I was talking with my mother up there," White told WTVF. "I overheard a conversation and Ms Bush had said she had lost her wedding band."

She lost the sentimental band 50 years ago while gardening at her Tennessee home.


White and a friend went to the property and searched the outside and, after about 90 minutes on the hunt, found the gold band wedged in the ground.

"It was approximately five inches deep and there wasn't a scratch on the ring," he told the Tennessee television station.

He took the wedding ring back to rightful owner Florence Bush, who revealed how happy she was with White's discovery. Bush had believed she would never see the priceless heirloom again.