An autistic schoolboy was given a "Most Likely to Get Lost in a Crowd" end-of-year award, upsetting the sixth grader and his mother.

Desiree Perez went to her son's middle school in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to collect his end of year paperwork because he was not in school that day, she told NBC in an interview. Among the paperwork, Perez found the cruel award that was given to her autistic son by Normandin Middle School teachers.

"I thought that was very wrong," Perez said.

"I didn't think it was funny. My son didn't find it funny either," Perez said. "He said, why was a teacher giving him this award because he was never lost in the school?"


The award was signed by a group of teachers, including her son's.

"I found it disrespectful because she knows mostly than anybody that I struggle a lot with my son," Perez told NBC. "I felt very bad because I don't think this should be given, not only to my son, not to any kid, because every kid struggles in school."

When NBC asked for comment, the school's spokesman emailed NBC writing "the superintendent is aware of the situation, a full investigation is underway and the principal is meeting with the parent today."

NBC talked to Perez after the meeting where she recalls the principal "said he was sorry about it but he couldn't do anything about the teachers because they had already left for vacation."

Perez concluded the interview by telling NBC that she wants to meet with her son's school's superintendent and also wants more education for the teachers involved.