A second royal expert has warned that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex needs to rein in her "massively extravagant" spending habits as it "doesn't play well" with the public.

The Duchess has become well known for her expensive tastes since marrying Prince Harry last May, but her wildly extravagant $600,000 baby shower is what tipped her over the edge in the eyes of the British public.

Former BBC reporter and royal expert Jennie Bond, says Meghan needs to be "less of a celebrity".

She told The Royal Box: "I am getting the feeling that the public don't like her terrifically spending huge quantities of money.


"Being extravagant, massively extravagant - she can't afford to. She's a wealthy woman but it doesn't play very well, so I think she needs to just watch that."

During Meghan's pregnancy, she racked up more than $180,000 worth of clothes in just three days during her tour of Morocco, with one gown alone estimated to be worth more than $165,000.

And just weeks before baby Archie was born, Harry and Meghan went on a $60,000 "baby-moon" at a luxury spa.

"I think I'd suggest she tried not to be too celebrity, because that doesn't go down well with the public, and try to ignore the fact she's getting flack from various directions," said Bond.

This comes soon after royal biographer Angela Levin also branded Meghan "extravagant" and claimed that British taxpayers have "baulked" at her spending habits.

Speaking to The Conservative Woman, Levin said: "I think Meghan, on occasion, has been extravagant, which has not gone down well.

"The Queen is known to be frugal and some members of the British public have baulked at a proportion of their tax going towards what they consider to be frivolity."

Speaking on Meghan's lavish baby shower, Levin called it, "an excessive amount whoever offered to pay for it, especially for someone who calls herself a humanitarian".


And like Bond, she said she hoped Meghan would become "less show business and more royal" as she settles into her new role.