YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has been arrested on several occasions over the last few years.

From initiating a bomb hoax to scaling the Hollywood sign and waving a gigantic banner.

There seems to be very little the social media star won't do for attention.

Zdorovetskiy has once again landed himself in hot water by posting a video of himself and his friends forcing a monkey to smoke from a bong.


Originally uploaded to his Instagram page, the short clips show the YouTuber laughing at the animal before patting its head and asking: "You high, bro?"

Then Zdorovetskiy uses a racial slur without hesitation, asking the monkey: "Hey, my n****, you good?"

Internet-goers are critising and accusing the YouTube star for animal abuse, with PETA responding to public outcries.

PETA said their Cruelty Investigations Department is aware of the video.