A sign of the times?

Baby Caroline, who's only seven-months-old, always perks up whenever her mum calls her. The only issue is that she doesn't answer to Caroline - she thinks her name is Alexa.

Her parents own a voice-activated Amazon Echo device and use it a lot. They keep asking the device to do things for them and little Caroline has picked up on that.

In a shot clip shared by Good Morning America, Caroline can be seen looking at her book while her mum calls her by her real name.


As soon as her mum calls "Alexa", the baby turns to her.

The video has been viewed tens of thousand of times, and people have very mixed opinions about it.

While some find it cute and funny, others think it's sad the technology is so pervasive it is impacting on young kids like this.

"This is so sad. What has happened to people?" someone posted.