Office dress codes are difficult to stick to amid a blistering heat wave.

So when call centre worker Joey Barge was sent home from work to change into appropriate office wear, he had the perfect response.

The 20-year-old from Buckinghamshire reached out to the Twitter community with his first choice clothing.

Barge then posted images of his attire upon changing and returning to work, as a protest of his company's "sexist" dress code.


Barge wrote: "I got sent home and told to change into appropriate clothing but it said females could wear dresses so hey ho!"

Twitter users united with him, with one user writing: "That's pathetic! If woman can wear skirts/dresses then men should be able to wear shorts."

In response to the protest, Joey's company appears to have modified its dress code, and now allows men to wear three quarter length shorts - only in the colors black, beige, or navy.