Half the world's population has been swept up in a bizarre phenomenon, after rumours began circulating last week about the position of freckles on their bodies.

It all started when someone tweeted that every girl has a freckle in the middle of their wrist last week.

Most people tend to believe the location of freckles on their bodies is a totally random thing, caused by genetics or sun exposure.

But women everywhere started checking their wrists and, sure enough, they spotted a freckle where Twitter said it would be, freaked out, and posted about it.


Now, women have begun checking out their boobs too, after a new rumour claimed all women should have a freckle on their left breast.

While this sounds like a major con, circulated by some teenage boy in his parent's basement to pry boob shots from the world, it has bizarrely turned out to be 'spot on'.

And the realisation that many women have a freckle on their left boob has rocked them to their core.

This woman, Harley Shah, who said she was literally "tripping" because she found both freckles on her right wrist and left boob.

What are the bloody chances?!

Women everywhere have been ducking into toilets, or whipping out their phones to check out their boobs and confirm whether they belong to this exclusive freckle fraternity.

And God dammit, most of them do!

This woman spotted hers while she was strapped into the car.


This girl was totally feeling herself after finding her #boobfreckle.

You go, girl.

These women weren't so jazzed by their boob freckles.

If you haven't yet, tell your boss you'll be a few minutes and go check out your rack.

Then please apply some SPF 50+ sunscreen to that little bugger, because sun safety comes first.