Are you a fan of Vegemite? How about alcohol?

Well, now those two worlds have collided in the most bizarre way - a Vegemite flavoured spirit.

Australian distillery, Archie Rose, has released the interesting concoction that is supposed to taste exactly like Vegemite and butter on toast.

"Meet our latest joyful and experimental limited release, ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit," the distiller announced on their website.


"Inspired by Australia's love for umami-rich breakfast spreads we've created an unaged spirit like no other featuring freshly churned, uncultured Pepe Saya butter and Sonoma sourdough toast."

"This unaged spirit has a big, mitey character at the front followed by biscuity, bready notes. On the palate, you're given a combination of all three elements coming together - buttery, almost warm, crisp-edged toast with that umami-rich, savoury mite flavour."

The creators of the spirit suggest using it in cocktails such as Bloody Mary's and Espresso Martini's, creating 'Mite Mary's' and 'Espresso Mite-Ini's.

This story is originally from The Hits. It has been edited and republished here with permission.