Condom company Skyn has launched a "baby blocker" designed to block photos of babies and toddlers from appearing on social media feeds.

The plug-in for the Chrome web browser detects photos of babies automatically and then blocks them, replacing them with a different image.

In a press release, the company said the recent birth of Harry and Meghan's baby could see an increase in the number of baby pictures posted online: " Everyone shares in the joy of the arrival of a famous baby and relish seeing the images released across social channels," said Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles, the company behind Skyn.

"On average, parents share 1,500 pictures of their little darlings from the moment they arrive to the age of five, which for some people might be a little bit too much."


"The Baby Blocker was created for them: a simple and fun way to swap baby photos in your feed for images of other things you might like," Heper said.

The application works by searching for the descriptions that the Facebook image algorithm automatically applies to all photos posted to the social network.

If it detects a photo of a baby or toddler it then alters the HTML code of the page to replace the photo with a different image.

Chrome users can download the plug-in here.