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Cow, goat, sheep or buffalo milk, you've likely consumed at least one of these - in milk or cheese form. But what about deer milk? Before you picture pouring it over your porridge, we're not talking about drinking it. We're about to lather our faces with the stuff.

Kotia, a Kiwi brand based in Queenstown, has launched a world first skincare range using 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk.

The brand claims the protein-rich milk possesses an incomparable level of skin-enhancing nutrients - more than any other kind of animal milk.


According to Kotia's website: "... scientists also discovered that deer milk – already proven to have the highest fat, protein and amino acid content of any milk available for human nutrition – is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus and zinc."

As unusual as the concept may sound, this is far from the first time milk has been turned to for its purported beatifying properties: Famed for her beauty, Cleopatra is said to have bathed in ass' milk. So could deer milk be 2019's answer to skin that rivals the ancient Queen of Egypt's?

Claiming to be the newest beauty miracle, our Trial & Error volunteers, Sinead and Silke, put Kotia to the test to see if deer milk really could shake up the world of skincare.

Rejuvenating serum, 50ml: $86

To be applied before you start your day or used as night cream, it was natural to try this first.

The serum was cold and the texture was watery, a surprise to Sinead who thought it would be thicker.

"It's not like a milk," she says. "More like a spit."

Hydrating Day Cream SPF15, 50ml: $69

The day cream was more "gloopy" than the serum, so a bit closer to milk.

Scent-wise, Sinead didn't find it particularly delicious and compared it to men's shaving cream.


Sinead and Silke agreed the product had a good moisturising effect, but left their faces looking a bit greasy.

Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream, 50ml: $35

"It doesn't smell good," was one of the first things Sinead said.

Then the more she thought about the fact it was made from deer milk, the worse it began to smell.

The hand cream was sticky - to the extent Sinead said she'd be scared to shake someone's hand for fear of getting stuck.

Brightening Eye Cream, 20ml: $63

If you're looking for a really thick eye cream to be absorbed deep into your under-eye bags, Sinead warns this one may be a little underwhelming.

The verdict

Silke felt pretty indifferent about the range: "If it was sitting on my desk as one of my hand creams I'd definitely use it. There was nothing wrong with it - but I'm not going to run out of here and tell all my friends to go buy it.

Sinead's reaction was equally nonchalant: "I'd use it if all my other stuff had run out but no I would not rush out to the shops and buy this above another brand."

For those looking to buy a slice of Kiwiana, this could be for you, but we're not sure deer milk is better than anything else.

As Sinead concluded, "I'm not appalled or outraged. I just wouldn't buy it."