For American teenagers, a "promposal" is a pivotal moment in their journey to adulthood.
But for one young man, his attempt at creating a school ball proposal to remember went horribly wrong. What's more, it's caught the attention of the internet.

With a box of doughnuts in hand, Austin Mousa, 17, went to his classmate's house to surprise her and pop the question, only to have the door opened by the wrong girl.

The entire scene was captured in a 26-second clip where Mousa stands at the entrance to the house clultching his parcel of pink doughnuts.

Fox News reports that he shared the footage to Twitter saying: "Only I could mess up going to a girl's house to ask her to prom."

In the video that has amassed over 2.5 million views, a girl opens the door and exclaims, "Oh my gosh!"

When the teen boy opened the door, he realised he was at the wrong girl's home. Photo / Twitter
When the teen boy opened the door, he realised he was at the wrong girl's home. Photo / Twitter

Mortified Mousa realises he's at the wrong house, staring at a stranger, and is seen turning to look at his sidekick, Johnny Pashales, with horrified expression.

"Did we pull up to the wrong house?!" he says while his friend is cracking up.

"No?! Who is this?!" responds the girl.

A horrified Mousa then whispers, "Johnny, you picked the wrong house."

He'd intended to ask his friend, Hannah Maslak, who lives in the same neighbourhood, but clearly not in this house.

Mousa begins apologising, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry."

"It's OK, I thought you were someone else," the mystery girl responds, letting on that she thought he was someone else too.

The tweet has since been shared more than 38,000 times, and users have had a lot to say in response to the golden footage.


Mousa explained to Yahoo that he never planned for the promposal to turn out as it did, and didn't want to embarrass the girl.

"As we walked up to the house, I told Johnny to take out his phone and video the whole thing. As I knocked on the door, the girl that opened it was not Hannah.

"At first, I thought it was her cousin or friend but then quickly realised that we went to the wrong house."

He continued: "Johnny was dying laughing, while I felt embarrassed and shocked at what had happened. In the moment, things were very awkward and embarrassing for everyone in the situation, but I had to realise that it was a funny, harmless mistake."

After trying to resolve the situation and apologising to the girl he'd accidentally surprised, the boys headed to Maslak's house to try again.

She responded with a yes and after learning what had happened, went over to the other girl's house and gifted her one of the doughnuts.

Mousa said: "It was funny, but I didn't think it was that funny for that many people to see it."