By Rachel Grunwell

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right".

I love this famous Henry Ford quote. It sums up in a nutshell how much attitude determines success or failure.

I'll be talking about the power of a positive mindset when I'm on a panel discussion at the Expo for the Rotorua Marathon. I'm an ambassador for this marathon. The expo is on May 3 in Rotorua. Coach John Bowden, who trains elites, will also be on the panel to share run tips. I'll also be running the Rotorua Marathon event on May 4 – my 23rd marathon.


After doing so many marathon miles, I've practiced a few mindset strategies while in motion! I'm also a qualified coach who trains beginner runners too.

I tell my run clients that a key to getting to the finish-line of any race relies hugely on a positive mindset. So you need to believe in yourself.

When my legs are screaming stop near a finish-line, it's positivity that powers my legs a lot further. I know this works!

Here are some Mind/Wellness ideas that can help runners – or anyone:

• Mindset. This is about the beliefs you have about yourself. People with fixed mindsets reckon their traits are set in stone and act accordingly. While those with a growth mindset believe they can improve with practice and time. So, strive to have a growth mindset.

• Mindfulness. This is a research-based tool to help with stress in life. It's a tool to help you on how to evaluate how you think and feel and then how to act with a wise mind. You learn strategies on how to not dwell on the past, or fear the future, but instead enjoy the present moment. Try to be a mindful runner and focus on the "now" and enjoy the moments out in the fresh air and sunshine (or wind and rain).

• Meditation. This can help you to focus your mind, clear out anxious thoughts and feel much calmer. There are lots of different styles of meditations. Just try one style for a few minutes and see if it helps you. I personally find running like a "moving meditation" too. It clears my head and is a good distraction. I focus on the rhythm of my breathing and find "flow".

• Mantras: This is when you repeat certain words, numbers or sounds to help with concentration, focus and to feel calm. I know some elites who repeat numbers. I use a yoga mantra (which I sing in my head, rather than out loud),


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