A popular burger chain has received flak online after they took meat off their menu for an entire day.

Australia's Grill'd announced on Monday that only plant-based vegetarian burgers would be sold nationwide.

Grill'd founder Simon Crowe told 3AW radio the move toward plant-based products won't be going away.

"We're trying to do it to make splash and make sure that people understand that the movement towards plant-based is hitting tipping point," he said.


"We're trying to make people realise that you can have a burger in a healthy, guilt-free and contemporary fashion."

However, meat eaters are now furious at the burger chain, with some calling for a nation-wide boycott of Grill'd.

One fan of the burger chain took aim, accusing the restaurant of pushing a vegan agenda on its customers.

"Even with the old menu back on Tues, I won't ever be visiting again for pushing vegan onto people," they wrote on social media.

Another said: "Make up your mind, either you're a beef burger restaurant or vegan burger restaurant."

Grill'd had mixed reviews after going meat-free for a day. Photo / Instagram
Grill'd had mixed reviews after going meat-free for a day. Photo / Instagram

However, others support the chain's move, saying the burgers are tasty and is a positive way to encourage the plant-based movement.

"This is a great idea, much better than vegans raiding farms, stealing animals and barricading businesses - it's a reminder to everyone that you can enjoy food without meat," one person wrote.

"I had one of the new vegan burgers there and oh god it was amazing. Even my meat eating family loved the new burgers. The line was out the door and the restaurant was packed," another said.


Adding to their already existing vegetarian range, three new meat-free burgers have been included on their menu moving forward.

The new 'beyond burgers', which are made of pea protein, canola oil, coconut oil and beetroot juice, aim to replicate the taste of beef.

"They're actually not aimed at vegans, they're aimed at carnivores who want to eat a little less meat," Crowe said.

Grill'd plans for half of their menu to be plant-based by 2020.