The latest viral internet game sweeping social media let's you find your Florida man spirit animal.

Who is Florida man? In some way he is all of us ... at our very worst.

The term Florida man has become an internet meme which grew out of the high volume of news stories that reference bizarre, ridiculous and horrible crimes committed by, you guessed it, a Florida man. At this point, it's almost like a media in-joke.

The game is simple. It involves you typing Florida man into Google along with your birthday and see what insane headline is at the top.


My result was this: "Florida man attacks gas station clerk with hot dogs, corn dog stick over beer, cops say."

Social media users have been circulating the game after a viral tweet a couple days ago. Even singer John Legend has been getting involved. He tweeted a screenshot of the headline from his birthday, December 28. That headline was: "Video: Florida man drops stolen TV from getaway scooter."

Not a bad effort, John.

An episode of Donald Glover's TV series Atlanta used the meme heavily in the first episode of its second season.

As the game has grown in popularity, it has become a little harder to play as Google is now producing stories (like this one) about why everyone is Googling their birthdays and Florida man.

But if you were born today, you can lay claim to this story titled "Florida man pleads guilty to mailing bombs to Trump foes."

If you're still unclear about what, or exactly who, Florida man is, this clip may or may not help clarify things.