An Aussie delivery guy became the unexpected star of a live streaming video when viewers declared him "super hot" as he delivered food.

George Davey, from Sydney, was delivering video gamer Loserfruit some fried chicken during a marathon session that was being live streamed on Twitch when her 830,000 followers got distracted by his good looks.

The Menulog courier has since gone viral following his take-away delivery, with many calling him "Australia's hottest delivery driver", reports.

"George is handsome," one excited watcher said.


Another asked him to "marry" her as someone else branded him, "super hot".

"George is finger licking good." someone else teased.

"He's making me thirsty," another said.

George, 30, made an appearance in the brands signature green outfit around 12 minutes in, when Kathleen, who runs the gaming site nips out to collect her food and introduces him to her followers.

The part-time deliver driver has been bowled over by the attention, saying he's never experienced anything like it before.

"This is the first time I have been 'shared on social' so I haven't ever had attention like this before," he said.

"Customers are generally always happy to see me, but who wouldn't when you have delicious food delivered to your house."

While the delivery was organised by KFC as they sponsor Kathleen's channel, George was not hired to appear on the video.


"I had no idea that I would actually make an appearance on Loserfruit's live streaming video but it ended up being a really exciting and fun experience," he explained.

"I couldn't believe how many comments there were on the stream, there were some really hilarious comments but I especially enjoyed the puns."

George — who is currently single — has been teased by friends and family over the fact he's gone viral.

He's self-employed through Menulog's delivery service that offers a solution for restaurants without their own couriers and to provide greater choice of local restaurants to customers.