Paramedics in Victoria, Australia, have granted a terminal cancer patient her dying wish, with a touching gesture.

Michelle, a 54-year-old grandmother from Shepparton, in Victoria, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

At the time, she was given six to nine months to live.

Michelle fought her cancer battle as hard as she possibly could, always with her family by her side.


Her son Alex, one of four children, said the family spent every family holiday at the beach, an important place for Michelle.

"She would just sit with her eyes closed, listening, while myself and my three siblings messed about," he said, quoted by Yahoo.

The 54-year-old grandmother had a long fight with breast cancer and it recently spread throughout her body.

Her dying wish was to return to the beach one more time.

Her four children asked Ambulance Victoria and the Mordialloc Life Saving Club to take her to the beach, and they did.

Michelle got to gaze at the sea, one final time, from her wheelchair, surrounded by her family.

"We wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to take mum to the beach one final time. It has made us feel so thoroughly supported," Alex said about the paramedics.

"It's a really awful thing seeing someone in a palliative environment, and this gave Mum the opportunity to be a person again, a person that does the things that they like to do as opposed to being a sick person that has to be in hospital.


"It gave her the chance to feel like she was just someone doing what they wanted to do on a normal afternoon."

Michelle passed away on February 26. Her ashes have been spread across her favourite beach in Tasmania.