The 21-year-old reality star gave birth to her daughter Stormi - whom she has with her boyfriend Travis Scott - 13 months ago, and has now said the unique moniker "felt right", as although there were other names she preferred, she believes her tot gravitated toward Stormi.

She said: "I felt it the whole time. Yeah, I feel like she chose her own name. Pretty much, I wanted - I looked up names, and I saw Storm, and I really liked that. But I wanted her to have an 'ie' at the end of her name like me, Kylie and Stormie.

"So it was that at first, and I would just call her - when I was pregnant, I used to call her Stormi when I would talk to her in my belly. And it just always felt right. I had one more name that I liked - I had two names that I honestly liked better than Stormi but when I had her, I felt like she chose her own name. And I just couldn't imagine any other name other than Stormi, so yeah."

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had several names lined up for her tot, but won't share them because they're still up for consideration if she ever has another baby.


One name she will share, however, is the name Rose, which she says she "really liked" but can't see herself bestowing the moniker on any future kids.

She added: "One name I will tell you guys, because I don't think I'm ever going to name my daughter this [another daughter], but I wanted to name her Rose. I really liked that name. Shout out to everyone named Rose."

And the lip kit mogul says one of the mystery names was "very weird".

Speaking during an Instagram Live, she added: "It was a very weird name …but I love it. It just didn't work for her."