An angry father has shamed a driver online after taking up two parental parking spots at a Westfield shopping centre.

Taking to social media, the father posted an image of a Volvo parked between two bays designated for parents with prams and young children with the caption: "There's obviously a Very Important Parent at Westfield Bondi Junction this morning.

"There were 4 spots left on this level, it's a Sunday morning, no way I was passing up this spot literally right next to the entrance to the centre just because someone else parked like an a**. Also for clarification, yes I am a parent and have a pram," the dad added.

The poster revealed the Toyota on the right is his own car, saying the space next to him "isn't a parking spot".


"The space next to me isn't actually a parking spot. Just to the right of my car are some bollards and a path to walk through to another section of the parking lot," he explained.

The post has since sparked heated discussion with many disgruntled parents sharing their own experiences.

"I've noticed people with expensive cars sometimes park like that to avoid getting dents. When I see it I leave a note that says 'Sorry for the damage' without doing any damage. Let them waste time looking for it," one person said.

Others chimed in, saying: "Where I live normally it's a 300,000 dollar Mercedes or some other luxury car parked like that. I wonder what it is about expensive cars that seems to attract people that can't drive."

"They tend to be driven by people with a higher income, and thus feel more entitled," another added.

It is not illegal to park in a designated pram spot because they are not provided for by the NSW state Government and cannot be enforced by police.

Parking spaces are the responsibility of the owner of the private property and only management cant request you move your car.

However, many on social media were still fed up saying the driver still lacked common courtesy.

"Lots of things aren't illegal, but are common courtesy," one said.

"You can park in pram parks. You can push in front of lines. You can cut people off. You can smoke at the bus stop. You can take up a whole table to yourself at a busy cafe. You're not breaking the law, but you are being a d***."