A wife has shared her horror online, after finding out her husband was staring in gay porn films and hiding a secret life.

The anonymous American woman took to Reddit to explain how she stumbled upon the shocking discovery: "I was watching porn while my husband was asleep. I clicked on a random video and it was definitely him. His face was fully visible."

The furious woman claimed she had no doubt it was her husband because of his "unique tattoo" which she spotted in the video.

To add fuel to the fire, she noted that the video had definitely been filmed since they were married, as she was also able to his wedding ring on his finger.

The woman's post on Reddit. Photo / Reddit
The woman's post on Reddit. Photo / Reddit

"He had unprotected sex with multiple men," she shared. "All I could think of was STDs. I didn't sleep last night. I called off from work, too.

"First thing I went to a free clinic to get checked. I haven't been home since. I don't think I can f****** look at him. I'm so f****** angry."

After plucking up the courage to confront him, her husband confessed to having a problem with crystal meth. He told her he had been meeting with other men on the dating app Grindr.

Despite promising he would go to rehab as long as she didn't tell anyone, his wife said it was too late and wants a divorce.

Sharing that she was "furious and disgusted", the woman threatened to take screen grabs from his videos and send them to his mother and boss as revenge.

Supportive Reddit users shared their advice and some begged her to cut all contact immediately.

"This is actually a situation where I don't support counselling or trying to work it out," the user commented. "1, He cheated on you with multiple people. It's filmed and online. 2, He is sleeping with men, unprotected. 3, It took place after you were married.

"4, He put your health and maybe even your life at risk and didn't tell you anything about it. 5, Some cheating happens in the heat of the moment and was a 'mistake'. This was not that. He planned this, knew about it, executed it."


Another noted that the woman needed to take legal action right away: "You should find that video and download it to your computer. Then get a lawyer and file for divorce."