A Wellington man who found a rare penis-shaped potato is selling the vegetable on Trade Me for a good cause.

The $1 reserve listing is a hilarious read, with the Wellingtonian explaining the size of the delicious item and where it came from.

"[The potato is] 4 inches long, including testicles. 1 inch girth," the listing reads.

"Harvested from our Lower Hutt garden on 21 February 2019 to vast amusement!"


Even though the Trade Me auction is amusing, the auctioneer has decided to donate the winnings to Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand supports men and their families going through Prostate Cancer treatment and promotes early detection.

There has been a total of three bids with the current one being $2. The listing closes next Tuesday, March 5.

Of course, many dirty questions were asked in the auction including is the potato washed.

"Washed or unwashed potato?," a Kiwi asked.

"It was unearthed covered in dirt. A good scrub under the cold tap, however, and it's now sparkling. Ready to roast, boil, mash or however else you like your root vegetables," the seller replied.

Another asked: "I see your listing states this item is used - just wanted to check in what way? Is it still suitable for eating?"

"Apologies. It is, of course, brand new .. My mistake when listing the item. You can be sure it's entirely unused and ready to eat," he replied.


"Do you use pesticides? I tried someone else's produce once, and enjoyed her peas," one Trade Me user wondered.

"100% organic - grown without harmful pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and little blue pills," the auctioneer answered.

In the last question, a user asked if it was "hand raised," where the auctioneer answered yes.

"As with the rest of the crop, hand raised with the utmost of care. Although, really, all spuds need is rich, well-drained soil and a bit of moisture to get going."

Click here to see the Trade Me listing.

To make a donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ, click here.