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Valentine's Day can strike fear in the hearts of even the best gift buyers.

After all, it's the one day of the year where you feel pressured to make a declaration of your undying love for your other half, right?

If they don't receive red roses delivered to their work, a lavish piece of jewellery or a five star home cooked meal, will they be bitterly disappointed?


Rather than forking out the big bucks, Trial and Error testers Nathan and Heath decided to take a different approach to Valentine's gifting. One that's more about time and effort and less about cost.

Spending a minimal amount on supplies, but putting in a priceless amount of love and creativity, they got stuck into the challenge.

Here's how these two self-described "hardy blokes" fared trying to replicate romantic craft ideas inspired by the internet.

The test

Glitter Vase

Nathan dived right in, grabbing the glue stick and going to town with the application on an empty bottle of wine.

After a liberal sprinkling of blue and pink glitter, the pair agreed their creation was "class". Nathan noted: "If this doesn't make her happy then I don't know what will."

The fellas popped in a couple of pre-made glitter hearts, which Nathan decided made the gift "practical" as well.

"Well, this is going to be the best Valentine's Day yet." We agree Nathan, we agree.

"It doesn't just look good, it's very practical as well".

Love tokens

After their initial confusion about what a love token might entail, Heath started by suggesting a token for a massage might a good idea.

Things quickly escalated and after writing up a token for a "one night stand", Nathan noted the importance of including an expiry date: "If she doesn't come around in a week, then she will never come around."

After some deliberation, Nathan decided the best gift he could give would be a "fun KFC trip, all expenses paid.

"Best present ever".

Judging by this face, we believe you, Nathan.

Nathan deep in thought about his new lady and a trip to KFC.
Nathan deep in thought about his new lady and a trip to KFC.

Glue gun brooch

After drawing, cutting out and decorating cardboard hearts with glitter, the boys coated their creations using a hot glue gun to make waterproof seals over the brooches - ensuring they'll last the rest of the year at least.

An extraordinary amount of mess and a lengthy amount of drying time later, the brooches were complete.

Heath was chuffed with his love heart, pinning it on and declaring it "pretty".

A solid attempt at a handmade brooch.
A solid attempt at a handmade brooch.

An original love poem

The crafty pair believed they saved the best for last here, deciding the perfect way to show affection for free is with the written word.

While Heath went for a not-so-classic rhyming poem detailing attributes he most admires in his significant other, Nathan chose an acrostic poem, spelling out the positives about his girlfriend "Jenni". I for irrational may not go down so well, Nathan.

Nathan appeared a little shaken by Heath's turns of phrase.
Nathan appeared a little shaken by Heath's turns of phrase.

The verdict

Nathan and Heath both seemed happy with their efforts, but mentioned that perhaps a "make something, buy something" policy would be a good safety net.

"Happy days" was Heath's final verdict on how his crafty work would be received while Nathan asked: "What could go wrong?"

With gifts like these, Nathan, nothing at all.