The 2019 Grammy Awards are held today, with hip-hop stars with Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Childish Gambino and Cardi B each scoring several major nominations.

And it's a busy day for awards shows, with Britain's BAFTAs taking place just hours ago.

But while the BAFTAs are all A-list elegance and refinement, music stars at the Grammys usually take a few more fashion risks — for better or worse.

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Little-known singer Joy Villa has a history of attention-grabbing Grammys outfits — a few years back she wore a dress emblazoned with Trump's 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN' slogan, and another year in an anti-abortion dress complete with drawn-on fetus. This year, she's come as Trump's proposed Border Wall with Mexico, barbed wire and all:

The response on social media to Villa's now-serial red carpet antics has been mixed, with many slamming her as a "troll" and asking how she gets invited back year after year despite her lack of music industry accomplishments.

Fellow Z-lister Ricky Rebel also showed his support for Trump: