I hope everyone had a relaxing break over the summer holidays. Returning to work is a great time to put good, consistent self-care practices into place, so you don't find yourself burnt out again at the end of the year - or sooner.

When returning to work or your daily routine, ease back in. Sometimes we head back to our everyday work full of ideas and excited about new projects, only to drop with exhaustion in a few weeks' time. It's natural to feel quickly tired and unable to focus as the body shifts out of holiday mode and adjusts to working life, so be prepared for this.

Keep your schedule light if possible, and be aware that you may require extra relaxation and sleep time in your first weeks back from your break.

The most important part of looking after your nervous and adrenal system is to be proactive in your care for it. Don't wait until you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed to take action. If stress is something that constantly is an issue for you, build in daily self-care rituals at the outset to help your body react to and process stress better.


Medicinal plants can improve our ability to withstand stress and combat nervous exhaustion. St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is one of the best medicinal herbs for stabilising and nourishing the nervous system, relaxing tension and mild anxiety, and uplifting the spirits.

Drinking it as a medicinal tea can help to avoid interactions with some medications that can occur with concentrated pharmaceutical-type tablets, and the extra hydration will help your body metabolise stress hormones and flush them out.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) has relaxing and rejuvenating properties and can help to ease anxiety, restlessness and irritability. It also helps to promote sleep without causing daytime drowsiness or dependence, which means you can use it in medicinal tea throughout the day.

The return to work can result in a busier mind so make sure you factor into your new daily routine a buffer period between time spent on-screen and when you go to bed. Before going to sleep, give your mind a chance to unwind by putting your computer, phone and work away, at least one hour before bed.

Other daily rituals such as putting aside time to contemplate, journal or talk with others to help process any feelings of stress or anxiety before they become all-consuming may also help to fortify your adrenal system for the year ahead.

All the best for a productive year. If you are still struggling with stress or anxiety, please see your leading healthcare professional.