Outspoken Australian MP Bob Katter has described homosexuality as a "fashion statement" while on a the campaign trail in regional Queensland ahead of the upcoming federal election.

The Katter Australia Party leader made the statement while visiting the town of Dalby which is in one of just three Queensland electorates to vote "no" in the same-sex marriage vote.

Asked about the number of same-sex marriages he knew about, Katter said it had become "popular" to be homosexual, the Dalby Herald reported.

"In my whole life up to 50, I had never seen or heard of a homosexual person," 73-year-old Mr Katter said.


"Now it's fashionable, it's just like a fashion trend — tomorrow there'll be another fashion.

"I just don't want to waste any time on it."

The member for the Far North Queensland electorate of Kennedy was campaigning on behalf of Anthony Wallis, a candidate for Dalby's Maranoa electorate, news.com.au reports.

The Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages has recorded just five same-sex marriages in Maranoa since the December 2017 plebiscite made same-sex marriage legal.

Between the vote and June 30 last year, 595 same sex marriages were registered in Queensland and more than 3100 nationwide, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Mr Wallis described the same sex marriage vote as "really the only one thing he (Malcolm Turnbull) achieved".

Bob Katter also weighed in about anti-bullying campaigns in schools, which he said targeted homosexual children.

"It's sort of controversial," Mr Katter said. "'Stop bullying' which is pro-homosexual, is the way I would describe the 'stop bullying' campaign."


Mr Katter has also released a pro-Australia Day video, Unashamedly Australian, ahead of the January 26 celebrations.