A young woman has shared her story of her fiancé breaking up with her just days before the wedding ceremony, after she gained 30kg because of treatment she'd undergone for her terminal brain tumour.

The former model, Emily Nicholson, 24, from York in Northern England said her partner Jamie Smith proposed to her when they were both living in Perth, Australia.

Smith was initially supportive of her journey, but after gaining weight, he dumped her via Facebook messenger she claims.

She went from being a UK size 6 to size 16 because of the steroid treatment for grade 3 astrocytoma, the incurable cancerous brain tumour she has.


The couple was fighting online when Smith called Nicholson a b****, continuing to say he'd had enough of the way she was acting.

Nicholson responded saying: "I've always loved you and always will. Do you want to call it a day then?"

To which he replied: "I wanted to call it a day a long time ago, Em."

Nicholson explained to The Sun: "For months he'd been going out with his friends, but obviously I couldn't do that because I was ill."

"It just came out of the blue, it was horrendous. Now I don't feel anything about him, he hurt me but there's no point getting upset."

However, Smith told The Sun that Nicholson was the one who called the breakup, and it was completely irrelevant to her weight gain and health situation.

She was diagnosed in February 2016 after a series of seizures and was initially advised she only had one year to live.

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Now almost two years later, she's exceeded that expectancy and is back in the UK for immunotherapy treatment.


The treatment costs a grand £30,000 ($57,000NZD) and must be done in Germany, for this her loved ones began a GoFundMe page which so far has £2,568 ($4,21NZD) in donations.