Joe Wicks has urged Prince Harry not to listen to parenting advice.

The 'Body Coach' star - who has daughter Indie, five months, with fiancee Rosie Jones - found one of the most useful tips he received before his little girl was born was to remember that all babies are unique so what helps with one may not help another.

Asked if he has any advice for Harry, whose wife Duchess Meghan is due to give birth in April, he said: "My biggest bit of advice that I got told is don't take advice from anybody, you're babies so unique when they come into the world."

However, the fitness guru didn't let his own tip stop him from sharing further advice for the 34-year-old royal, urging him to stay "patient" when he has a newborn.


Speaking on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Lucy, he added: "One thing I learn though is to be patient and know that that baby is just like learning about the world and they may be crying, they don't know what's going on, just cuddle them and you know just be patient and let them find out where they are and what's going on, they've been in the cuddly womb for so long haven't they."

The 32-year-old star is still in good condition but he admits it is "harder" to get in as good a workout as he is used to when he's been up during the night with his daughter.

He said: "In terms of exercise it is harder, when you have a rough night's sleep, if its broken, even if you've had like seven hours of sleep but broken you do wake up a little sluggish and I'll do a workout but it's probably like 70% of what I'm normally doing.

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"So it's a case of fitting it in maybe when she has a nap, I'll do a little 20 minute HITT."

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