There is nothing better than jumping into a perfectly made bed after a long day.

And while we all wish we could achieve hotel standard bedding perfection at home, it's a skill that seems to elude many of us.

However Adelaide-based interiors expert, Iryna Federico, says it doesn't always need to be hard work when trying to achieve a perfectly-made bed.

Taking to Instagram, she's revealed her top tips:


According to Federico, starting with quality linen is the key to a well-made bed.

The interior expert puts on a mattress protector, before adding a sheet, a quilt and four pillows, which are then sprayed with a relaxing room spray.

To get her pillows the fluffiest possible, Federico employs the "karate chop" method to create the right shape.

"Two of the pillows are very thin and honestly, not at all great, so when I make the bed, I put these flat underneath as a 'height placeholder'," she explained.

"When we go to sleep, these are the main pillows our heads actually touch.

"I usually use older pillowcases for these so in the chance that we get home from a late night and don't want to wash off hair products, the oils in them don't ruin our bedding."

A lovely plush headboard also helps create a stylish bed, adding not only comfort but also helping to hide plug sockets that may be behind the bed.

Creating the perfect bed starts in the linen cupboard for Federico, who keeps a diffuser in hers with her sheets and towels in order to make sure they always smell great.


"The scent gets absorbed into the fabric and makes everything smell freshly washed even if it was cleaned months ago."

The final touch on the bed is always the quilt or duvet, Federico makes sure hers is always one size bigger than the bed.

"If you like to have your quilt drape over the side of your bed, purchase one size bigger than your bed," the designer said.

"For example, our bed is a king and therefore our quilt is a super king. Keep in mind that if you do purchase a super king quilt, you will struggle to not only find quilt covers, but ones that don't cost you a thousand dollars.

"The more textures you can incorporate into your bed set, the fuller it will look."