He never shies away from controversy, but according to "Paleo" Pete Evans, there is one rumour that he is determined to clear up.

Evans first addressed the rumour in a 2017 interview with the Herald Sun, revealing that people don't believe he eats the food he is served as a judge on My Kitchen Rules.

The celebrity chef, however, maintains he has never turned away any food offered to him on the show.

"I have never spat out food from MKR, and I have swallowed every single bit that I have ever had on the show," he told the Herald Sun.


Evans believes the rumour could have been cleared up a long time ago if someone had just asked any of the show's contestants, who regularly watch him eat the food served.

However, he did admit to finding the rumour "fascinating".

In an interview with news.com.au in 2015, Pete did, however, admit that he has to break his strict paleo diet when he is hosting the show.

"Yes, I swallow," he stated. "Look, just because I'm paleo doesn't mean that I don't like the flavour of food," he added.

"I don't eat and purge afterwards. And I never, ever feel guilty. There's a bigger thing at play here. It's bigger than me."

Evan's paleo diet restricts him from eating anything that hasn't been organically sourced and any items that have been processed.