Australian fitness model Tammy Hembrow has left her scores of fans scratching their heads with a racy bikini snap.

The 23-year-old shared a photo of herself posing in a pink two-piece on the edge of a pool — and it has sparked a fierce debate online.

But can you see why people are so confused?

The mum-of-two's nine million Instagram fans are baffled by the pool tiles as they appear to magically bend behind her.


"What's going on with those tiles behind her?" one user asked.

"Woah, what an optical illusion," one fan wrote. "My eyes are hurting."

"Why are the tiles so bent; it's messing with my mind," another said.

But while some believed the bow in the tiles was caused by our eyes, others were quick to accuse the social star of editing her snaps.

"Photoshop Level 3000," one angry user said.

"Someone has been playing around with their photos," another wrote.

Tammy however has defended the snap, stating the puzzling photo was definitely not photoshopped.

"Take another look and realise the tiles curve because they curve into what I'm sitting on," she explained.


It didn't take long for her loyal fan base to jump to her defence.

"Never feel you have to explain yourself," a supportive Instagram user wrote.

Another said: "As if you would ever photoshop yourself. It's clearly an optical illusion."

The Gold Coast-based blogger became a household name earlier this year when she left Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party on a stretcher.

She later took to her YouTube account to explain she was "pretty embarrassed" about the incident, which was caused by exhaustion.