In life, she was repulsed by him, despite happily accepting Louboutin's, a Cartier bracelet and a racehorse. In death, she claims she is being haunted by his ghost.

Meet Lydia Dupra, an "adult industry entrepreneur" who has shared on Instagram and YouTube that the death of her sugar daddy has only made her rollercoaster relationship with the man worse.

For five years Dupra played sugar baby to a man known as "Brad" who showered her with gifts but also allegedly attacked her when he was "high on whippets" (nitrous oxide), cut her out of his will, gave her STIs and was the catalyst for her drug addiction.

She captioned an image of her and Brad with a lengthy spiel, explaining he had died of a heart attack and "untreated diabetes".


"We had an incredibly toxic relationship and I wish I never met him," she wrote, wrapping up her obituary of sorts with, "PS please don't haunt me again".

In a YouTube video, Dupra details more about her relationship with Brad noting he "put me through some of the most difficult times in my life". She goes on to claim that the night after Brad died she was home alone and things started to get weird.

She claims she heard a knocking sound on the dresser next to her bed. When she got up and shouted for Brad to leave her alone, the noise stopped.

She says the next night, things got worse:

Discussing how Brad owed her money, she says she heard a "sack of money slam on the dresser and change spilling all over the floor."

But when she looked around the room there was no money to be seen.

Followers have responded commenting that they find Dupra's tale of a sugar daddy haunting hilarious while some asked how they could sign up to become a sugar baby.