There may be few more nerve-wracking moments in a Kiwi guy or gal's life than when it comes time to drop to one knee and pop the question.

Now new company The Proposal Planners hopes to take away some of the stress by helping Kiwis create romantic and Instagram-worthy proposals.

Long-time wedding planners Jo Fonua and Tess Langworthy hit upon the idea for their new business after noticing proposal planning had become a hot trend internationally.
While there are plenty of wedding planners in New Zealand, Fonua thought her company was one of the first local outfits to specialise in proposals.

She was also encouraged by her husband, Kisione, who told her he would have thrown money at anyone who could have helped him better plan his proposal to her.


Kisione said "he felt awful" in the lead-up and began doubting himself.

Then when the big day arrived, he was all nerves and things didn't go any smoother.

He ended up taking Fonua to an "upmarket" food court for a fried chicken dinner before falling so quiet under the pressure of asking her to marry him, she thought he was going to break up with her.

When he finally dropped to one knee by the Auckland waterfront, Fonua said she was overwhelmed with relief that "she wasn't being broken up with".

Overall, she said, the night was a nice one and it was the thought that counted.

"But it just goes to show how much pressure men are under to do it right and be creative," she said with a laugh.

The Proposal Planners are keen to help men and women in all kinds of relationships, but suspect it might be the typical Kiwi guy, like Kisione, most in need of their services.

"In Kiwi culture, the mentality or consensus is you probably aren't going to talk to your guy mate about romantic proposal ideas," she said.


The company's website outlines what needs to be done in a streamlined way with lots of lists so men feel more in control of the process, she said.

Base packages from about $1500 include help selecting an engagement ring, personal styling, scouting locations for the big moment and arranging flowers and photography. But customers could also build their own packages.

One of the company's first customers was spending about $3500 for a romantic proposal in the forest.

The man's girlfriend loves hiking and fine dining, Fonua said. So he and Fonua's team hit upon the idea of him taking his girlfriend for a walk into the forest before stumbling upon a clearing where a chef and waiters would serve them a three-course meal.

"He really wanted her to feel like this was something designed just for her," Fonua said.