A bridezilla's husband-to-be cancelled their wedding after he discovered her reaction to her sister's miscarriage ahead of the big day.

The wedding planner of the bride shared a post on Not Always Right, explaining what went down when the bride found out her sister was pregnant.

"The bridezilla informs her that her pregnancy is inconvenient, and throws a fit at her poor timing because the dress will have to be altered to handle the pregnancy," the wedding planner writes.

"I flee to another room and shut the door, but they are having it out so loudly I can still hear the fight."


The sister eventually says to the bride: "We've been trying for three years. While the wedding may be your day, you knew what I was going through to get the chance to have a baby."

So the bridezilla angrily told her sister: "Well, then, I guess you can't be in my wedding, because I don't want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause."

After the argument the sister stormed out without saying another word, while the wedding planner remained flabbergasted. However, the planner put her retail face on and continued with the plans.

A few months later, the wedding planner was with Bridezilla and her mum, when her mum receives a phone call. The bride's mum ends up on the phone for most of the meeting until she comes back looking as though she had been crying.

She then explains to the bride that her sister had a miscarriage.

"Yep. [Bridezilla's mum] has definitely been crying ... right along with her poor, distraught daughter on the other end of the phone. My heart breaks for them. There is nothing I can say to take the pain away, and there are not enough tissues in the world to mop up my sympathetic tears that are about to come to the surface," the distraught wedding planner writes.

However, the bridezilla had a different reaction to the news.

"Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she's not pregnant anymore," she said.


At that point, her mother snapped and turned to the wedding planner and in a dead calm voice said: I'm so sorry to have wasted your time, but it looks as though I won't be financing the wedding anymore. It looks like my daughter will be taking over paying for everything. I hope this doesn't cause your business any trouble."

The bridezilla looked shocked and was panicking: "MUM?!"

The wedding planner gave the bride's mum a smile before saying she could "sort out the snags".

"[Bridezilla] freaked out, shrieking, waving her arms, screeching horrified questions, and getting more and more panicked as [Bridezilla's Mum] coldly refuses to answer the demanding, "Why?!" of her "sudden and unexplained" refusal to pay for the wedding," the wedding planner wrote.

"[Bridezilla's mum] left, her back ramrod straight, trailed by her hysterical [bridezilla] daughter."

At the end of the post, the planner reveals the wedding was cancelled by the would-be groom 24 hours later.