It's a child's Christmas dream come true ... and potentially a parent's nightmare.

A newly released Baby Shark soft toy is now on sale and it allows children to play the song over and over and over and over and over and over again with just the squeeze of a button.

The toy, created by toymaker Wowee for Baby Shark creator Pink Fong, is available now via Amazon. Cuddly soft toys that play the song cost an eye-watering $100+, while stackable Baby Shark cubes will set you back about $70.

It's a child's dream and a parent's nightmare all in one super-expensive soft toy.


You can choose from three sharks with different colours, Mummy Shark, Daddy Shark and Baby Shark. If you're really keen, you can buy the whole shark family and have a little singalong.

Whichever you choose, buyer beware, they all sing that song that will no doubt get stuck in your head again for the rest of your day. Also, don't forget, you are going from having to answer to requests to play the song off your computer or phone yourself to giving the child the power to play it whenever they want. And you just know that "whenever they want" is code for "all damn day long".

It's the perfect gift for the Baby Shark-loving child in your life, or for that parent you're not so fond of.

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