At least nine years of experience and a willingness to pay for food are just some of the fanciful requirements a mum has laid out in her ad looking for a babysitter.

The list of rules were initially posted to Facebook but a social media user uploaded a copy of the ridiculous ad to Reddit, with the caption: "Delusional babysitter requirements."

It is not clear exactly what country the poster is from, but the request that the sitter be a "Trump fan" suggests it is likely the US.

Some of the more unbelievable requests include, having a degree in childcare or nine years of experience, being native English speaking and also able to speak a second language to teach the children, no tattoos, must have 100 per cent attendance and be willing to pay for snacks.


But if all of this wasn't ridiculous enough, the poster also added that they would be only offering $10 ($A13.50) an hour for what would be an extremely experienced childcare worker.

"I will be offering $10/hr under the table cash," the post read.

"It's like making $15/hr normally but without paying tax."

Read the full list of eccentric rules below:

"Ideally will be a Trump fan" Photo / Facebook