Secret Santa can be fun, if you get the person you were hoping for in the draw, and you have colleagues or friends with a knack for picking out the perfect gift.

However, Secret Santa can also be a real bummer. Like that time Pam from reception gave you a ceramic zebra that was supposed to grow grass out of its head - but it was chipped so the grass just came out everywhere. You always knew Pam didn't like you.

With the festive topic fresh on people's minds, ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan chatted on air about some of the truly mind blowing bad gifts they have received.

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The topic got heated, with Fletch admitting he hated spending money on other people and loathed the concept of secret Santa.

The ZM crew took to their Facebook page to ask the nation: "What's the worst secret Santa gift you've received?"

The answers were truly hilarious. Here are our top 10:

1. "A selection of nuts... I'm super allergic to nuts"

2. "A dress from mum that just happened to be her size"

3. "A re gift that I gifted them last year for secret Santa"

4. "A block of wood with Cadbury written on it with a sharpie, i.e. a block of Cadbury"

5. "My work secret Santa got me a size 10 g-string, I was a size 18 then. The worst part was it had a price tag on it and it was $5 from the Salvation Army"

6. "A shoe box full of expired packets of protein shakes"

7. "Three lip balms partially used"

8. "A bottle of wine when I was pregnant"

9. "A pack of hair bands"

10. "Nothing, work forgot to place my name in"