A politician has been relentlessly mocked online after posting a picture of what he claims a "proper" meal looks like. When you see it, you'll understand why.

Gavin Williamson, a Conservative MP and Britain's secretary of state for defence, took to Instagram to educate his followers about what a real dinner looks like, even going as far as to tag the secretary of state for health Matt Hancock in the picture.

"A proper meal and far better than a #salad. @matthancockmp needs to start recommending proper hearty food. #sausage #egg #chips #hpsauce* #brownsauce," the caption reads.

He seems to have been able to serve up a meal with almost no nutritional value, consisting of two burnt sausages, chips, a strange looking egg and a huge amount of BBQ sauce.


People were very quick to point out that Mr Williamson's idea of a proper meal needed some revision.

"That's horrifying. Who goes for that combo? Why do they look like that," one person asked.

"The egg has made me really sad," another said.

One person added that the sausages looked "dodgy".

"A hearty meal of charcoal, wood chips and something," another wrote.