Christmas baubles full of gin became a viral sensation a few weeks ago when they were released in the UK - and now it's New Zealand's turn to have an extra merry Christmas.

Half drink, half holiday decoration, "Gingle Bells" are the perfect gift for that one person in your life who has everything - including a love of gin.

The baubles are made by Australian company Wild Hibiscus Flower Company and come in a gift set of six floral gin baubles, filled with Australian dry gin.

The gin in the baubles comes from master distiller Reg Papps, named one of the top five gin distillers in the world at the 2017 World Gin Awards in London.


The gin is then infused with six different natural botanicals. Flavours include Finger Lime, B'Lure Butterfly Pea Flower, Wattleseed, Snow Chrysanthemum, Wild Hibiscus and Pepperberry.

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

For a decorative touch, each bauble's botanical flavour can be seen in its centre with an ethereal floral element encased inside.

The gift set includes two 54ml baubles at 37% alcohol by volume and four 50ml baubles at 40% alcohol by volume.

The set also includes a list of cocktail recipes the gins can be used in.

The set is now available on GrabOne from today, for NZ$89 including delivery to anywhere in New Zealand.

The deal will run for three weeks and offers a cheaper price for NZ customers compared to purchasing directly from the Gingle Bells website.