Trade Me is a website known to many Kiwis for auctioning and selling second-hand goods such as a lawnmower or a car, but this Bucklands Beach woman decided she wanted to sell something else of her husband's — his hopes and dreams.

Writing a hilarious description on Trade Me, the woman explains how she's making her husband let go of a massive collection of Agee jars as she has no desire to fulfil his dream of filling them up with preserved goods.

"My husband has faithfully stored this bulk load of Agee jars for many years, with the hope that one day I would get into preserving," she writes.

"I was brutally honest last week and told him that I really don't have time for this dream (and neither does he) and I want the blessed things out of my basement. Now!"


She says there are roughly 60 large jars, plus small ones.

"Sixty jars of colourful preserved fruit my husband will never see lined up beautifully on the kitchen bench, with wifey proudly looking on at the end of the day," she hilariously writes.

The woman pitches a hard sell, explaining why Kiwis should buy the unique collection of jars.

"If preserving is your dream or the dream of someone you know (and you are not into bringing dreams crashing down) then get yourself a bargain with this massive load of preserving jars," she writes.

"Most are the bigger size (think delicious peaches or apples sitting on the shelf in your pantry - or that's what he was thinking. I would prefer a shelf of chocolate, personally) but there are a few of the smaller size (jams or chutneys?)."

However, unfortunately there are issues with some of the collection.

"Some jars have coloured tissue around them (not from his tears of frustration but from being used as candle holders at a wedding). Obviously some also dusty from my years of refusing to get into preserving," she explains.

If you want to fulfill your husband's dream (or maybe your own) you should get in quick as the unique collection of jars has already met the $1 reserve. Make sure you have a large trailer as it's pick-up only from Bucklands Beach.

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