A sibling match on Tinder has gone viral. But is all as it seems?

If you thought stumbling upon your ex on Tinder would be super awkward, imagine this:

A teen in the US claimed to be horrified when he matched with his older sister on popular dating app Tinder.

The boy, known only as "Weston", was so weirded out to find his sister Kalynn on Tinder, that he decided to swipe right and chat.


His sister clearly had the same idea as the pair matched and exchanged a series of messages.

He tweeted a screenshot of their conversation, joking: "WTF Just matched with my sister on tinder. Someone execute me I want electric chair (sic)", and the post went viral.

The awkward Tinder messages. Photo / Twitter
The awkward Tinder messages. Photo / Twitter

He began their conversation with a phrase probably not often seen in Tinder messages: "WTF. Sissy?"

To which she replied: "What the flip are you doing on here??? You aren't 18+!!!!"

The chat continued as the pair blamed each other for swiping right and causing the match.

When Weston threatened to call their mother Kalynn joked: "I already called her - have fun in juvi", referring to the age limit on the dating app.

Would you be grossed out if this happened to you?