WARNING: Adult content

A woman has revealed the hilarious moment she realised her car headlight cover had been broken by a "flying cock".

Northern Rivers NSW woman Felicity Durham was on her way home on Monday afternoon when her car was hit by something, she explained in a post on the Byron Bay Community Board Facebook page.

"On my way home to Ocean Shores from Brunz (Brunswick) yesterday, my car was struck, breaking my headlight cover, by what I thought was a cockatoo," Durham wrote.


"So naturally, I turned around at the Rajah Rd roundabout to see if it was. But what I found in fact was a "King Cock", not a cockatoo!"

A photo included in the post made it clear the damage was not caused by a bird, but an empty box for a 7" Uncut Cock.

Durham told The Courier Mail there was no dildo in the box and it was strange that it had damaged her headlight cover.

"I think it was maybe just the impact, because they were going so fast in the opposite direction and I was going about 70km/h," she said.

Strangely she said one of her friends had the same thing happen.

"They were hit by a flying dildo at the same place," she said.

Despite the damage, Durham is finding it hard to take the incident too seriously.

"I would ordinarily be fairly more upset, but this was just too funny," she said.