Karma Cola have given our favourite redhead Gingerella a makeover — and he looks an awful lot like Prince Harry.

With the arrival the royal couple Duchess of Sussex Meghan and Prince Harry, the beverage company have recreated Gingerella to become Gingerfella.

His face, red head and mighty ginger beard are featured on the Ginger Ale bottle.

However, you better get in quick as there are not many available.


"We've only got 100 bottles available, so keep your eyes peeled around NZ to see where they pop up," they wrote on their Facebook page.

They are also hoping the Prince himself will give it a try.

"Catch us down at North Wharf on Jellicoe St in Auckland this afternoon as we attempt to get a GingerFella into the hands of our favourite GingerFella!," they wrote.

Our favourite redhead Gingerella has been given a makeover. To celebrate the arrival of Harry and Meghan to NZ we’ve...

Posted by Karma Cola on Monday, 29 October 2018

Gingerella is an organic Ginger Ale made by farmers in Forest Garden Growers Association in Sri Lanka.