If anyone knows how to plan an itinerary for a royal tour, it is Whanganui's favourite royal watcher Marie Sheppard.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Rotorua this week she will be there and hopes to meet them.

Marie and husband Mike are on the road in their distinctive yellow "Bizzi Bee" camper van and plan to be in a strategic spot in Rotorua when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive there on Wednesday.

The Sheppards are in Auckland visiting family but Marie has been on the phone to Rotorua Lakes Council planning the next stage of their journey.


Mayor Steve Chadwick spoke to Marie in person and advised her of the best parking spot for Bizzi Bee.

"She was lovely and ever so helpful," says Marie.

"We have a great spot to park overnight but we can't stay there in the daytime."

Marie became something of a media darling in April when she received a polite refusal letter from Buckingham Palace.

The plucky English native, originally from Droylsden in Greater Manchester, had written to request an invitation to the royal wedding at Windsor Castle in May.

Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry was quite taken with Marie when she appeared on the show and Marie is hoping to see the presenter in Rotorua.

"She gave her number and said to call her but you need a special pass to get close to Meghan and Harry.

"I don't know if she will be able to get me an introduction but it will be wonderful if she can."


Marie says she has always been an avid royal watcher and husband Mike is happy to enjoy a road trip and support his wife in doing what makes her happy.