Police officers in Western Australia have been mocked after they posted a picture online showing off huge bags of marijuana they "seized", but people were quick to point out a glaring issue.

The Bruce Rock Police Force shared the picture on their Twitter account, along with the caption: "Our work does not stop when the sun goes down. While you slept we seized these items and the holder booked himself a trip to Court."

The post was also shared to the Wheatbelt District WA Police Force Facebook page where people weren't so impressed by the drug bust, with many convinced the bags were just filled with grass.

"Can I send you my address? I have some garden clippings I need to get rid of and I can't be bothered fetching the green bin," one user wrote.


"Putting Jim's mowing out of business if you keep this up," another said.

One added: "This is the dumbest thing on the whole internet. This is embarrassing for Australia."

Others suggested that the bags were just filled with the unwanted left overs from product that they either already sold or moved.

"Police have estimated the value of the haul in excess of seven dollars fifty," one person said.